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Success Stories

Not long after I had started practicing Psych-k, a 4 year old boy visited with his mother. He had a really bad stutter that was getting worse and worse. His mother had taken him to a speech therapist and they had said that it was going to take years to correct as he had had it for so long and it was … [Read More...]

From a young age I had always had huge self-esteem issues but for the last 3 years I was at my worst. I had absolutely no boundaries, no confidence or morals. I was being taken advantage of and genuinely didn't care. I would never stand up for myself and I didn't have the courage to say no to … [Read More...]

Hi Emma I would just like to share with you the outcome of our two sessions. As you know I was struggling with work relationships with several of my work  colleagues. After our sessions we are getting along really well and my whole outlook towards them and work has a dramatic positive change. … [Read More...]